Belinda Steinhuber

Belinda Steinhuber is responsible for the language education department within CEBS, an institution affiliated to the VET (Vocational Education and Training) section of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, which operates as a national in-service teacher training centre specialising in vocationally-oriented language education. She is in charge of the promotion of plurilingualism and intercultural competence in vocational language teaching, which includes the design of plurilingual exams. She is part of the team that developed the AOC-Check, a CEFR-linked test which was designed in order to provide data about learner competence in English at the transition from lower secondary education to upper secondary vocational education.

She is a co-author of guidelines for the design of oral school-leaving exams in Austria and involved in a number of long-term projects such as the development and implementation of educational standards, curriculum design and materials design. She runs teacher training workshops and also delivers talks at conferences.

Besides, she is still an active teacher of English and French at an upper secondary vocational college in Austria.